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Most innovative Essential Security and surveillance System .

Watch it to make it safe what you build.

Tech Semantics offers end to end solution for Video Surveillance based on analog-digital hybrid and IP enabled systems. From consulting, system architecture, design, deployment and maintenance the entire gamut of services can be availed as desired.

Tech Semantics has strong relationship with world rated original equipment manufacturers in the field of Closed Circuit Cameras, Display Systems, Video Analytics and related components.

TS's solution has found favour and use by various security agencies for sensitive area operations. Be it an open market environment, a compounded wall complex, a mall, a township or public safety need, SCORE has delivered projects and won repeat customers. Some of the projects have been delivered in extreme geographical and environmentally challenging locations. SCORE enables to achieve the integrated security management system needs even for the most discerning customer.

Integrate your ERP with Bio-metric System

Tech Semantics has implemented Access Control Solutions across large Industries, Offices and Government Establishments. The range of services includes stand-alone systems and integrated systems with video surveillance.

The system integration team works with all large OEM’s in the Enterprise Level Access Control business.

TS has rolled out Access Control System consisting of turnstiles, flap barriers, boom barriers using Iris recognition & UHF tags for vehicle and 10,000 employees identification

Keep it safe! from Hazards

Tech Semantics collaborates with the best known names in the Fire Detection Business and has rolled out many medium to large scale projects across the country. Active engagements with Architects and Consultants has helped various organisations cut costs with efficient system design and on time performance.

Tech Semantics has executed large integrated projects with CCTV, Fire Detection and PA System for Industries and IT Parks.

The collaborative framework with multiple OEMs has helped us to deliver solutions for even the most stringent budgets.

Public Address System

Tech Semantics collaborates with the established names in the Industry for Public Address Systems and has executed projects for large buildings, campuses and open areas. The ability to provide solutions across multiple platforms and a choice of OEM product line-up ensures multiple options and proper selection of technology at optimum pricing.

TS has rolled out Public Address Systems across open Markets as part of the Delhi City Surveillance Project for large factories amongst other installations.

Secure Temper-proof OTP based access Lock system

Lock and relax

Tech Semantics has developed the most innovative Access Locks which can report you in case of tempering and only allow the authorized persons to open only via OTP. The lock can be custom-designed for your needs.

Tech Semantics has implemented it successfully in Oil industry, telecom, Warehousing, and Banks.

The system can be integrated with the existing security systems like beam sensors, Cameras, and Alarms.

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